Applied BioCode MDx 3000 NATrol

The BioCode MDx-3000 system is an easy-to-use automated molecular diagnostic system that integrates all of the post-extraction processes of molecular diagnostic testing. The system has been designed to maximize sample throughput without comprising your laboratory quality processes.

The BioCode MDx-3000 system is based on a 96-well microplate format for high throughput and low-cost Molecular Diagnostic testing. The system automates the PCR amplification, hybridization/ target capture, and detection steps of molecular testing. Up to 188 patient samples can be completed on the system in an 8-hour shift. Additionally up to 3 different assay panels with the same protocols can be run on the system at the same time.

The BioCode MDx-3000 system provides the ability to select individual targets within panels and report only targets that are ordered on the patient. Automation, along with a simplified workflow, reduces hands-on time for labor savings and minimizes the potential for sample contamination.

The BioCode MDx-3000 also has a “User Defined” mode giving operators the ability to program and run Lab Developed Tests (LDTs) on the system. For more information, please see our BioCode MDx-3000 – Product Brochure.

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